Environmental issues facing Omania are numerous, which is no different to farming in many parts of NZ, and indeed the world. Being located nearly on the shores of Lake Rotorua, we are very aware of the environmental issues with regard to the lake. Through the decades we have both had a family culture of land conservation hence the many steps taken on Omania Farm to reduce nutrient runoff and protect soils and the natural environment. Every winter we endeavor to plant trees both for ascetic reasons and protection for the stock.

Balance Farm Environment Awards

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Environmental Award 2011
In recognition of your consistent and ongoing management of potential water flows across your farm.

Beef and Lamb Livestock Award 2011
Recognising your ability to produce quality livestock within a difficult and fragile environment.

Massey University Discovery Merit Award
Acknowledging your endeavours to diversify your farming business with tourism and truffle production.