Omania Farm is a 370 hectare sheep and beef farm located on the eastern hills overlooking Lake Rotorua. The property rises from approximately 300 metres at the front to 700 metres at the back. The highest part of the farm is situated on top of the caldera surrounding the Rotorua District, affording fantastic views of the region’s lakes, mountains and surrounding countryside.  Settlement of the Bay of Plenty as a farning region was late, relative to other parts of New Zealand. This was primarily due to two factors, the Tarawera eruption in June 1886, and the problem of bush sickness in stock which was discovered to be a lack of cobalt in the soil. Omania has been in the Carr family since 1918 and is currently

owned and operated by the fourth generation, Tony and Joanna Carr. Tony’s great grandfather Charles began the job of breaking in the bush clad hills to pasture. However the hard job of development was primarily undertaken by the following two generations.
Currently Omania is being run as an intensive breeding and finishing farm. Thankfully there are still tracts of native bush on the hills enriching the ascetic and recreational benefits of the property. This native bush is enjoyed by visitors and the family alike.
Omania is named after a large clearing of fern located in the Okataina Reserve which can be seen from the back of the farm.